Can I have a FREE account in Ellect?

Can I have a FREE account in Ellect?

Yes. If you're looking to buy products or services from our trusted suppliers, you can sign up as a CUSTOMER, just click here: If you want to showcase your products or services, you may sign up for our BASIC membership here:

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    • What currency is used in Ellect?

      The currency used in Ellect is AUD, however, you can view the equivalent USD amount based on the current exchange rate below the listing price upon creating your listing. We are looking for ways to improve and be able to cater to multi-currency ...
    • Do I need to create a separate customer account to be able to purchase to other suppliers?

      Once you are a member/supplier of Ellect, you can automatically be able to purchase to other members within the platform without the need of signing up as a customer. The marketplace is designed so members can reach out to each other for the exchange ...
    • How can I sign up?

      To buy products or services in the marketplace, go to so you can sign up as a customer for FREE. Join as a member to be able to sell products and services by choosing a subscription plan that fits your ...
    • Where can I update my bank details?

      Log in to your account using your registered email and password in Ellect. Go to Dashboard > My Account > My Banking Information, then fill out all the needed information. Make sure you choose the correct currency based on your bank account's ...
    • Is there a limit on the number of listings I can publish under my account?

      Basic members can have up to 1 listing while Business members can have up to 5 listings available. VIP members can enjoy unlimited listing of products and services.