How can I get my VERIFIED badge?

How can I get my VERIFIED badge?

First, you need to complete your profile and banking information. Then, you may send us your registration documents proving the legal existence of your business at for us to validate.

Having a VERIFIED badge means we have reviewed all your legalities as a business, thus, giving you better online credibility.
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    • Why does my profile have an UNVERIFIED badge?

      The unverified badge means your profile details are not yet complete or you weren't able to submit the necessary documents to our team for verification yet. However, this doesn't affect your listings. Having a VERIFIED badge means we have reviewed ...
    • What documents are needed for us to be verified?

      You will need to email us at any of the following documentary proof to verify your legality and existence as a business: 1. Registration Proof 2. Identity Proof Upon the verification process, we may contact you via email for any ...
    • How can I get certified if my business is too small and I am a male business owner?

      We have a champion certification of gender balance business for male entrepreneurs . This option is eligible for businesses with 5 team members of less.
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      After accepting the order, you may opt to ship your product to a courier of your choice. Get the transaction traking details from your courier and which you will need to input when you click to ship the order. Your buyer will get that information on ...
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