How can my buyers contact me?

How can my buyers contact me?

Suppliers and customers can communicate with each other directly through our messaging app integrated on the marketplace. You will also receive an email notification whenever there are inquiries from your listing. You can find your conversations on the inbox section of your account:
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    • Can my customers directly contact me for inquiries?

      Yes, our marketplace has its messaging app where you can have a live chat directly with your buyers within the platform. You will also get an email notifying you if you received a message or inquiry from the marketplace. You can see your message logs ...
    • Is there a tax portion on the listing price where I can record the GST or VAT component?

      The price needs to be shown as inclusive of your local sales tax. You can offer the customer to contact you after the sale for a copy of the tax invoice and receipt in addition to our system receipts.
    • Why do my business needs to be certified for gender balance?

      If you are a supporter of gender balance and implemented workplace strategies to support gender balance in your business, we would like to help your business be known to motivated buyers globally either from fellow member businesses or from ...
    • Can I personalize my store page?

      Yes, you can personalize your store info by uploading your own cover image and adding some description so your buyers know what you offer. Just go here:
    • What documents are needed for us to be verified?

      You will need to email us at any of the following documentary proof to verify your legality and existence as a business: 1. Registration Proof 2. Identity Proof Upon the verification process, we may contact you via email for any ...