What documents are needed for us to be verified?

What documents are needed for us to be verified?

You will need to email us at admin@ellect.biz any of the following documentary proof to verify your legality and existence as a business:
1. Registration Proof
2. Identity Proof

Upon the verification process, we may contact you via email for any further information needed.
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    • How can I get my VERIFIED badge?

      First, you need to complete your profile and banking information. Then, you may send us your registration documents proving the legal existence of your business at admin@ellect.biz for us to validate. Having a VERIFIED badge means we have reviewed ...
    • Why does my profile have an UNVERIFIED badge?

      The unverified badge means your profile details are not yet complete or you weren't able to submit the necessary documents to our team for verification yet. However, this doesn't affect your listings. Having a VERIFIED badge means we have reviewed ...
    • Where can I update my bank details?

      Log in to your account using your registered email and password in Ellect. Go to Dashboard > My Account > My Banking Information, then fill out all the needed information. Make sure you choose the correct currency based on your bank account's ...
    • What currency is used in Ellect?

      The currency used in Ellect is AUD, however, you can view the equivalent USD amount based on the current exchange rate below the listing price upon creating your listing. We are looking for ways to improve and be able to cater to multi-currency ...
    • How can I certify my business as a supporter of Gender Equality in Business?

      You may apply online using this link: https://www.ellect.biz/global-gender-balance-business-certification/ Completing the online registration form will only take you about 15 minutes or less (as long as you have all of the required information).